Thursday, July 22, 2010

Purge the Stinkin' Thinkin'

I really dislike the word 'stinkin.' It's so overused, I guess (sort of like "awsome)." It's perfect for my subject 'o the day, though, because it's lodged itself in so many of our minds...ok, ok...and it rhymes. BY the way, 3 months since last I blogged??!! INEXCUSABLE! Please accept my humblest of humble apologies for not placing my messages high enough on the totem pole (and how is a writer-at-heart supposed to become a writer-in-action unless she WRITES)? I've really had beaucoodles to share with you, my friends, I just need to make doing so a priority.

At any rate, how many of you can honestly say you never have any worries and that life is always completely rosey and you feel on top of the world no matter what? A lot of us might like to SAY or THINK that we are just a bucket of sunshine no matter what goes on in our lives but I challenge you to take a closer look--an honest look--at your every behavior. See if the way people see you on the outside truly jives with how you think you act.

Mind chatter can take over in an instant. Rather, oftentimes our worries about money or relationships or our jobs or any number of other things can take up so much of our focus and energies that we don't even realize how we allow those thoughts to take over and, in fact, guide our lives into a negative spiral. Whether we mean to or not, we allow so many random thoughts about our worries to linger in our brains which then weasel their way into our hearts and souls--into the very core of who we are.

I'd heard a couple of friends casually mentioning the book "The Secret," by Rhonda Byrne awhile back and my interest was picqued. My husband knew I wanted to read it and bought it for me for my birthday back in May. FINALLY, I've started grabbing--no, MAKING time to read (reading is one of my passions and I think everybody should read a little bit of a BOOK every day) and I feel like I've come home in this book, The Secret. I don't want to give away any details. The Secret is really a book that I think everybody should experience first-hand; it's a quick one to get through, by the way, but it's a keeper. It's one you'll likely read more than once. The crux of the book is sharing with people the message that you attract to you that which you spend your thoughts and energies on. Think about it for a second. Money issues are huge for many of us right now so let's take that example. You may be doing things to try to dig yourself out of a money situation right now: taking on an extra job, selling stuff off, etc, but you're likely spending an extensive amount of time thinking about your LACK of money, your mounting bills and all of the snowballing challenges all of that brings. The basic idea is that what you continue to dwell on you will continue to find coming your way! Dwell on the LACK of money and how much you NEED it you will continue to find yourself LACKING and NEEDING money! You've got to get playful and creative with the situation and convince yourself that you have enough and you will eventually find that this is the case.

To glean the full impact of the book, with all of it's poignant and personal examples, you really have to read it. I can tell you, though, that it reinforced what I really knew to be true in my heart. It's more than just positive thinking. Positive thinking is a good start and it's long since been one of my personal platforms. It is, however, only the beginning. You have to actually starting thinking and believing that the things you want to happen in your life are in progress. They are already set in motion! Make room for them! ACT as if they are going to happen and be ready to receive them. I want to be a writer. I'm going to just start thinking that I already AM a writer--for I am! I may not be published yet but I WILL. I WANT to go to Ireland. I've wanted that ever since I was a child but, in all honesty, I've always thought of it as some remote, unreachable goal that 'will happen someday.' If I continue to think of it as such a remote possibility it will always just be out of my grasp.

Another point to consider is the idea of kindness and generosity. I don't know about you but I aim to be a kind soul who brings genuine happiness to others. I'm not perfect. I have my hot buttons. I aim, however, to keep myself in check and not be a comPLAINER or a griper. When I give something or do something I want to do it out of the feeling of abundance. I want to possess, as The Secret mentions, the thoughts that, "I have everything I need and I'd like to share with you." The author brings up yet another wonderful point in that if you feel like you doing something sacrificially then it stems from a feeling of LACK whereas if you give of yourself or give things or money from the standpoint of "There's plenty and I want to share" it comes from a feeling of abundance and abundance will then find it's way back to you. It's a WHOLE new way of training yourself to think and feel and I LOVE it! What an explosively positive world this would be if we all focused our our abundance and not our lack!

Something to look for when you read through The Secret is the explanation of a tool she suggests using called a "vision board." I'm creating one for myself today. It's a visual presentation of all of your distinct hopes and dreams. You keep it in a prominant location so that you not only see it daily but believe in it daily. Cut our magazine pictures and attach other visual prompts tied to your dreams and then change them out as one dream or goal comes true after another. We humans have this great ability to allow 'stinkin' thinkin' to cloud our minds, take over and hold us from our positive potential. It's time to purget that crap and start truly focusing (in action, not just in theory) on positivity and on the things we WANT out of life...not on the things we want OUT of our lives. Maybe you KNOW you're bogged down and focused on the negative stuff in your life. Maybe you THINK you're a diehard think positive individual but you just can't understand why you're stuck in hard times. I call you to be honest with yourself about where your day in/day out thoughts really lie and what your actions speak of. Do you talk about people all of the time? Do you wallow in bad situation? Do you harbour grudges? Yep, bad stuff happens that is out of our control but it IS within our power to choose whether or not to let go of the bad. Who are you hurting if you don't? What point are you proving and to whom by not letting go of some unfair thing somebody has done to you?

The true answer is there for you if you look and if you are honest with yourself.

So! I'm off to create my vision board! What fun this will be! It's kind of reminiscent of the "Illustrated Discovery Journal" that Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of "Simple Abundance" (another favorite of mine) suggests as a helpful tool in discovering who we really are. Oh happy day, folks! Let's take spring cleaning a step further this summer and get moving on tossing out all of those negative thoughts...all of those thoughts about what haunts us. If you have such a thought, notice it and acknowledge it but then let it go and turn, instead, to the bright world of your hopes and dreams. Think on them as already being a part of you for any hope and dream that you hold in your heart and mind is just that: real.