Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting started...the most difficult hurdle

Welcome! You know, I've been meaning to start this blog for quite awhile now. The thought of it has been nagging away at me and that little, inner voice has been repeating the words, "Come on, Lisa, what are you WAITING for?!" What is it about just getting started on things that feels so overwhelming and why do we often default to pushing the task at hand further and further away? I mean, the thing we keep avoiding usually provides us with some sort of positive impact in our lives (be it organizing a wreck of a closet, calling a friend or loved one, getting to the doctor for our routine checkup, cleaning the JUNK out of our fridge and pantry & beginning to eat clean, starting an exercise program or beginning a blog)! I guess it really just boils down to placing the "Thing to Do" higher on our list of priorities than we have been and then simply following through.

Ahhh, but we don't make it seem so simple, do we? I kept thinking of all of the little details involved with starting a health and fitness-specific blog:

~Had to decide which website to go through

~Needed to come up with a catchy and meaningful title

~Still have to finish putting together my mailing list of all of the wonderful people I know so that I can invite and encourage them to follow my blog regularly

~Wondered about how labor intensive creating this baby would be!

(and finally)

~Had to just stop making excuses for my time and place "Create blog" as an 'item A' on my to do list and park it in front of my computer to do it!

Once I got started, WOW! The ideas came right to me and all of the steps flowed along so well. Excitement is mounting! I'm so happy and relieved to have finally walked through the door. I've completed the hardest part: tackling the mental monster! I had the task in mind, had the tools that I needed, and just took the time to BEGIN.

You know, it works the same way with beginning an exercise and healthy eating plan. We all know we SHOULD do it and, down deep, we want to as well. We know healthy eating and exercise are good for us and, well, let me tell you that your LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! We know that we want to look hot, feel more energetic and be here (God willing) for as long as we possibly can to enjoy the beauty of this earth that are provided for us in nature and through relationships of all kinds with other people. But it can be so overwhelming to just get started! Many folks simply don't know where to begin. They have a general idea of the task at hand but lack specific goals as well as the tools that they need to make a successful transition into healthy and fit living. Could this be you?

~~~>>>>ENTER ME!!!! :)

We are all at different levels of fitness and health but we all share something in common: we all should be continually involved in healthy eating and in some type of fitness routine and we need to change it up from time to time to keep both our bodies guessing (so we see continual improvement) and our minds from getting bored. So you see, no matter what your current situation is, I can help---whether the heaviest thing you've lifted lately is the remote control and a bag of chips or you are training for your umpteenth marathon. We've just got to stop pushing the task of STARTING a fitness plan to the bottom of the barrell, place it as an "A item" on our list and push open that door with the ENTER sign on it with finesse! No matter how deflated you may feel now, I can help you take that step and promise to motivate you along YOUR path to flourishing. There is no more room for excuses and delays. You are worth it. Now jump that hurdle and claim your prize! Drop me a line for more info~